Happy Birthday Pecinta Kopi!

Happy Birthday Pecinta Kopi!


I’m very sorry for a very late birthday wish, I doesn’t mean it is literally my intention, but honestly, it is because .. I forgot!

You know, I always curious about when your birthday is, because you never told anyone. You don’t even write it in your Facebook page, Twitter page (even less this Twitter page), your Blogger, etc. Moreover, you have never wrote your real name in any social media. It always written as Rissaid (even in your BBM account). So it is very hard for me to find out when your birthday is.

*I did a little research in the google about your birthday, I tried every name of yours, and I found nothing. You are so good about hiding your identity. :3

Then, did you remember when we meet Ms. Alies in her office to sign some papers about her research and public service that asking us to be her team work? It was written there about your birthday. Read more