Add Music to Wordpress Homepage

Adding music to your WordPress homepage is a piece of cake, and I’m about to show you how. I’m using Soundcloud as the media.

1. Edit Customize

First, edit your customise, add a widget and choose Text.

Screenshot 2018-01-31 09.30.16

Screenshot 2018-01-31 09.30.42


2. Soundcloud

Then, open SoundCloud in a new tab. Choose whenever song you want to put as a background song at the homepage. After that, click share.

Screenshot 2018-01-31 09.31.00


3. Copy HTML Code

Click embed, then it will appear an HTML code.

Screenshot 2018-01-31 09.31.08

You can choose the colour and size of the widget. You can enable automatic play if you want to.If someone visits your blog, the music will automatically play. If you have done, copy the code. And paste to the text widget. Screenshot 2018-01-31 09.31.16

Don’t forget to click save and publish. And it’s all set! šŸ™‚

Working on Thesis: 7 Tips to Defeat your Disorientation on Thesis

This post was inspired by Mas Yusuf who wrote in his blog about Faktor Internal Penghambat Skripsi (The Internal Factors of Thesis Detention XD). Yep, sometimes thesis can be something that is so annoying. Moreover if you delay it over and over again. It can haunt you even on your sleep. Hahahahah (lebay XD). Anyway, among of the 6 factors that Mas Yusuf’s elaborated, disorientation is the most “attractive” to me, because I feel it and it is happening to me.

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4 Tips Jitu Menghindari Komunikasi dengan Seseorang yang Menyebalkan

Hi readers yang baik hati dan budiman, pernah bertemu dengan seles yang suka maksa? Pernah bertemu dengan mbak/mas MLM yang entah datang darimana lalu tiba-tiba sok akrab dan menawarkan barang atau seminar yang berkaitan dengan barang mereka? I know its kind of their job, but for me sometimes it is very annoying. Aku tahu kadang mereka bisa sangat persuade, tetapi menyebalkan juga kan kalau misalnya kita sedang tidak ingin diganggu, tidak ingin mengobrol, tidak ingin diajak berbicara, terus ada orang yang sok kenal sok dekat/SKSD.

Males berkomunikasi dengan mereka? Atau ingin menghindari komunikasi dengan seseorang? Here’s the simple tips: Continue reading