I Got A Racist Email​

I Got A Racist Email​

Hi guys!

Apparently, I have just received an ‘interesting’ email. I actually received it a few days ago, but since I blocked the email address of this person,  the messaged did not appear on my inbox. I checked my spam folder this evening, and I found out he already sent me two emails. The first one, which I posted in my Instagram story, was this:

Screenshot 2018-08-31 21.08.54

I know, it is ‘mind-blowing’. Take a deep breath, peeps. And the second one is this:

Screenshot 2018-08-31 21.09.28

I do not think he is truly sincere though, and he is already offended me in the first place, so I have a zero respect for him. Well, before I tell you my response and my opinion regarding this email, I bet you wonder how I know or met this person, and whether he is my friend.

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