#NA2 Ex-boyfriends

#NA2 Ex-boyfriends

I don’t mind talking about exes. I don’t have any feelings for them anymore, and I wonder why I was so crazy in love with them. hahaha! Anyway, I never write about this topic before, except the last one though.

I have three exes. (Mantan gebetan ga termasuk kan?). If it is included, I do not remember how many gebetan that I had because I never included them as a ‘serious relationship’. I don’t know what is it in English, I don’t think English have the concept of gebetan anyway.

The first and the second one when I was in senior high school. The third one is when I was in college. When I was in 10th grade, my school has 8 classes for 10th grade, I was included in X3. Saputra and Setio, not their real name, also in X3. At first, Setio and I were a best friend, but actually, I did like him, more than a friend. I don’t know why I liked him, it was so stupid. He was a bad guy, and I used to love bad guys. *ugh *I know 😏


At that time, Setio already had a girlfriend, s didn’t bother him with her girlfriend. Meanwhile, I was closed to Saputra. I couldn’t remember why we were so close. After a while, we texted a lot, he asked me whether I wanted to be his girlfriend. I don’t even remember how did it happen. But, I do remember that my heart was pounding when he said that he loved me. It feels so good when somebody likes me and says it. So, finally, we were in a relationship.

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