Kalau kamu datang,
aku berjanji tidak akan bertanya kenapa baru sekarang.
Kalau kamu datang, aku berjanji tidak akan membuatmu berdiri
di depan pintu terlalu lama.
Kalau kamu datang, aku berjanji tidak akan bertanya,
hati mana saja yang sudah ku lewati untuk sampai di sini.
Karena dengan langkahmu, aku terbangun,
dari mati siru yang kunina-bobokan sendiri.
Kalau kamu datang, tolong jangan pergi.
Aku lelah menjaga pintu.
Kalau kamu datang.
Aku berani sumpah, aku tenang.
– Dewi Lestari
My Analysis Theme of Romeo and Juliet The Movie

My Analysis Theme of Romeo and Juliet The Movie

My literature lecture ask us to make a theme analysis of one one Shakespear’s drama as our final project, then she choose Rome and Juliet. I watched the version on Leonardo de Caprio, but actually I did not like that movies. Besides it is about a tragedy, I think the movie is not really good, though. no offence. so, here, my explanation about theme analysis:

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A.                 Introduction

William Shakespeare is the most famous author in all of English literature. He was born in 1564 to a favourable middle-class glove-maker in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Shakespeare attended grammar school, but his formal education proceeded no further. In 1582 he married an older woman, Anne Hathaway, and had three children with her. Around 1590 he left his family behind and traveled to London to work as an actor and playwright. Public and critical success quickly followed, and Shakespeare eventually became the most popular playwright in England and part-owner of the Globe Theater. His career bridged the reigns of Elizabeth I (ruled 1558–1603) and James I (ruled 1603–1625), and he was a favorite of both monarchs. Read more