Who likes swimming?

Did you know that Monash University has Water Wise program? It is a sports program that teaches you to swim from the beginning, and it’s free for undergrads and postgrads students. Even more, they have Water Women! Water woman is held every Saturday night 6pm-8pm. It is only woman who can enter the Doug Ellis swimming pool. The staff and the trainers are also women. So, of course, I’m taking the women-only class on Saturday at 7pm.

I joined Water Wise program last semester. They put me in introductory level. I can swim breaststroke though, but apparently, they teach freestyle. Lucky me! At that time I only joined the class for like 5-6 times because I went back to Indonesia, it was summer holiday. Then, I didn’t practice it for four months straight (haha!). Yet, I was able to kick, and I know how I should move my hands. I was also quite good at backstroke; it’s when you swim by lying on the back.  Continue reading