Old Fellas #latepost

Old Fellas #latepost

resa – difa – me – miak – olet – gebik


Here’s my old fellas!

I have not met them since 3 years ago, although we live in the same city. I know its crazy, but it is because I have been very busy with my homework, organization and being a volunteer in PSLD (Pusat Studi dan Layanan Disabilitas/Center of Study and Disability Service).

*I had a heartbroken too at that time, so I had decided to keep myself busy in a positive way instead of thinking of him. huek. I hate anything that remind me of him, but everything is okay now. Don’t ask about it! 😉

Eventually, we met at Matos a week ago and decided to had lunch together in KFC Matos. We should eat lunch in food court, but it was very crowded and we couldn’t get any empty seat. Therefore, KFC is the only choice that we had (which is actually I hate it because there are so many calories in fast food, not healthy, expensive and its nonsense, and so on bla bla bla.)


*baru sempat publish karena si penulis sedang banyak proyek. Ketika itu terharu sekali dengan respon teman-teman yang sangat terbuka. I miss them too! Dan aku satu-satunya yang ketinggalan banyak cerita karena jarang kumpul. Rasanya agak awkward, but its a pleasure to meet you guys!