A Lot of New Things to Learn

Yesterday I went to Chadstone Shopping Centre with my house mates, my new neighbor and my senior at my previous college. My house mates ( a husband and a wife ) were free from work so they can join us shopping together. They said they also wanted to buy some stuff for their kids. The new neighbor, J, came two days ago and she knew nothing here yet, so I decided to asked her out. Then, my senior, which is I’m so contented meeting her here, apparently we had the same fondness that is books, discourse analysis course and literacy course.

We decided to go by bus because Chadstone had limited parking hour and it was expensive. It was about AUD 5 for an hour and cars were not allowed to park more than 1,5 hours. If we park more than that, we will get a fine. It is a new thing for me that in Melbourne, I do not know whether this rule applied in whole Australia, we cannot park more than 2 hours. Unlike Indonesia, we can park our vehicle as long as we like.

Thus, in Australia, if you want to go to the mall for a very long time, it is better to use public transportation. Here we have bus, tram, and train and it is called PTV (Public Transport Victoria). It is very convenient and cheap, only AUD 1-3 depends on our destination. However, they have a lot of bus station and lane, so I don’t have guts yet to go somewhere alone (haha). Continue reading