Sydney Trip: Where to Go (Part 2)

Welcome to my Sydney where-to-go list part two! I added some food we enjoyed and other stuff in the end of the list. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Bondi beach

It pronouns  /ˈbɒnd.aɪ/. Some people still pronouns it /ˈbɒndɪ/. I know it is weird, but it is what it is.

This beach is absolutely beautiful. It is definitely one of Sydney’s tourist attractions besides Opera House. I rate this place 10/10 🙂

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Sydney Trip: Where to Go (Part 1)

Back in early 2018, my mates –Rini and Andika– and I had a Sydney trip. I think that was the farthest, the longest, and one of the fantastic journeys I had this year. We experienced tremendous and sad things during the trip.

Now I am going to tell some places we visited. I will rate the site 1 to 10, according to my personal preferences. So you can add it to your bucket list and visit it when you are in Sydney 🙂 

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Anjing (!)

Sebenarnya aku agak takut anjing. Bukan karena anjingnya, tapi aku takut najisnya. Apalagi di Australia banyak orang memelihara anjing. Setiap kali aku ke pantai atau ke taman, aku pasti ketemu anjing. Situasi yang sangat berbeda jika dibandingkan di Malang.

Di Malang, jarang sekali orang memelihara anjing atau mengajak anjing jalan-jalan di taman. Memang sih, di Malang mayoritas masyarakatnya adalah Muslim. Jadi karena air liur anjing itu najis dan hukum memelihara anjing –tanpa ada tujuan yang jelas– adalah haram, jarang orang memelihara hewan ini. Paling banter, orang biasanya bawa anjing di CFD (Car free day) Jalan Ijen. Selain itu, paling banyak juga kucing liar, yang mana kucing hukumnya tidak najis dalam islam.

Sepemahamanku, air liur anjing najis hukumnya. Kalau bulunya, waktu pertama kali datang ke Australia, aku belum melakukan ‘research’ dan aku pikir itu juga najis. Jadi, aku sangat takut anjing. Aku takut dengan najisnya.

Tapi lama-lama aku pikir, ngapain sih aku harus takut anjing. Toh walaupun Allah SWT menciptakan air liur anjing itu najis, Allah SWT juga mengajarkan bagaimana mensucikan najis. 

Dan akhirnya, aku pun melakukan research di google. Ada tiga pendapat tentang najisnya anjing yang kamu bisa baca disini, disini, dan disini. Aku setuju bahwa air liur anjing najis, sedangkan bulunya jika kering tidak najis. Toh kalaupun terkena air liurnya, juga bisa disucikan dengan cara dibasuh tujuh kali dan salah satunya dengan debu/tanah. Bisa dibaca disini juga tentang hadist membersihkan najis anjing.

Acara stressless week di Monash Kampus Clayton
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Graduation Ambassador

It was December graduation.

I was interested in becoming a graduation ambassador because I was not sure if I want this kind of graduation ceremony if I graduated. My scholarship doesn’t include graduation allowance. If I want a graduation ceremony, it will be on my own expense; and it is not cheap. So,  I’m not interested. Therefore, I became a graduation ambassador to feel the vibe, and in case it could change my mind. Besides, there will be a certificate, letter of reference, and coles voucher for ambassadors. I really wanted the last one.

A graduation ambassador is primarily a volunteer, but Monash community division called it ‘ambassador.’ There were few roles that could be chosen by the ambassadors, such as walk-with graduates ambassador, cloakroom ambassador, marquee ambassador, information center ambassador, and floating ambassador. The easiest one is the cloakroom ambassador, and the toughest one is the marquee ambassador, especially in the photography stall. The most fun one is walk-with graduate, especially if you are an extrovert.

I was an information center ambassador on Tuesday in front of Robert Blackwood Hall. My job was to let people know where they should take the gown, where the ceremony held, where they could buy the photography session, etc. The graduation was held in Monash Clayton, but apparently, not everyone is from Clayton Campus. Monash has campuses in Peninsula, Caulfield, Parkville, and other. So that is why some people were not familiar with Clayton campus.

It was okay, but I was pretty bored because I had to answer the same questions over and over again. I was tired too because I had a double shift. I had to stand there for approximately 7 hours. Besides, it was very sunny, and I totally got tanned.

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​Does Your Extrovert/Introvert Personality Affect your L2 Learning?

I really love this week reading material!

We discuss about affective and personality differences whether it will affect second language (L2 learning). I’m always interested in psychology, so when the topic is about character, I couldn’t be more excited!

In this post, the topic that I discuss is from classroom discussion and from Ortega’s book: Understanding Second Language Acquisition (chapter 9), which actually you could download for free at But I would not discuss everything, I will only focus on the extrovert and introvert personality. *I adore that website, anyway, since they always provide a range of materials that I could download for my assignments.

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I Got a Racist Email (2)

Karena email yang dia tulis tersebut, yang menyatakan bahwa kebanyakan orang Australia terganggu dengan keberadaan wanita muslim yang memakai hijab, tertutama burqa, membuatku berfikir bahwa apakah kebanyakan orang-orang Australia seperti itu. Walau aku juga yakin, yang dia nyatakan itu adalah sebuah hiperbola. Toh, dia juga tidak menyatakan data autentik yang mendukung argumennya itu. Tetapi, ada beberapa orang yang bilang beberapa orang Australia memang rasism, terutama di negara bagian Queensland. Namun, seberapa banyak? Aku pikir, ada baiknya bertanya kepada orang lokal.

Sabtu lalu, aku bertemu dengan temanku di tempat aku mengajar, yang merupakan orang lokal. Dia juga mahasiswa di Monash University, jurusan International Development. Aku cukup akrab dengan dia, dan kami sering bercerita banyak hal. Jadi, aku ceritakan ke dia tentang pengalamanku pahitku itu. (Well, ga pahit-pahit banget sih. B aja).

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I Got A Racist Email​

Hi guys!

Apparently, I have just received an ‘interesting’ email. I actually received it a few days ago, but since I blocked the email address of this person,  the messaged did not appear on my inbox. I checked my spam folder this evening, and I found out he already sent me two emails. The first one, which I posted in my Instagram story, was this:

Screenshot 2018-08-31 21.08.54

I know, it is ‘mind-blowing’. Take a deep breath, peeps. And the second one is this:

Screenshot 2018-08-31 21.09.28

I do not think he is truly sincere though, and he is already offended me in the first place, so I have a zero respect for him. Well, before I tell you my response and my opinion regarding this email, I bet you wonder how I know or met this person, and whether he is my friend.

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