Graduation Ambassador

Graduation Ambassador

It was December graduation.

I was interested in becoming a graduation ambassador because I was not sure if I want this kind of graduation ceremony if I graduated. My scholarship doesn’t include graduation allowance. If I want a graduation ceremony, it will be on my own expense; and it is not cheap. So,  I’m not interested. Therefore, I became a graduation ambassador to feel the vibe, and in case it could change my mind. Besides, there will be a certificate, letter of reference, and coles voucher for ambassadors. I really wanted the last one.

A graduation ambassador is primarily a volunteer, but Monash community division called it ‘ambassador.’ There were few roles that could be chosen by the ambassadors, such as walk-with graduates ambassador, cloakroom ambassador, marquee ambassador, information center ambassador, and floating ambassador. The easiest one is the cloakroom ambassador, and the toughest one is the marquee ambassador, especially in the photography stall. The most fun one is walk-with graduate, especially if you are an extrovert.

I was an information center ambassador on Tuesday in front of Robert Blackwood Hall. My job was to let people know where they should take the gown, where the ceremony held, where they could buy the photography session, etc. The graduation was held in Monash Clayton, but apparently, not everyone is from Clayton Campus. Monash has campuses in Peninsula, Caulfield, Parkville, and other. So that is why some people were not familiar with Clayton campus.

It was okay, but I was pretty bored because I had to answer the same questions over and over again. I was tired too because I had a double shift. I had to stand there for approximately 7 hours. Besides, it was very sunny, and I totally got tanned.

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