My Bucket List

Yo guys, this is my bucket list. I will smudge it like this if I done it. If there is no smudge, so I have not done it, yet. 😉 Say AMIN!

  1. I wanna be, and I will be a literature lecturer.
  2. I wanna have a dslr camera so bad! espesially canon eos {}
  3. I wanna get a schoolarship next semester (so, I hope this semester I have the highest IP).
  4. Got 4 for my IP.
  5. I wanna get a schoolarship to Japan or Australia or America or three of them.
  6. I wanna het scholarship to SOAS, england.
  7. I wanna go around the world
  8. I wanna be a photographer too in NGC! :))
  9. 05/31/2014 this time, I want to be a freelance writer for my part time job.
  10. nonton secara live world cup 2018! :’)
  11. I want a have veil’s boutique with mom.
  12. I wanna be a master at english, japan, france and arabian.
  13. I wanna hang out with my family in all around the world.
  14. I wanna go umroh with my whole family.
  15. I wanna write my own book, a great book, I hope Allah give me capability and time of that.
  16. I wanna be a play director of my movie.
  17. I wanna have a great husband, moslem, patient, handsome, everything good to me.
  18. I wanna have a great family.
  19. Ingin punya butik kemeja flanel!

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