how can I love you,

if the only thing you can do is grow the hatred

inside of me.

I need you, father

but you don’t fit it well.

I’ve tried and trying my best

to make you happy

to make you proud

but it still not enough.

but it’s enough for me.


I’ll go, as soon as I can.

I’l go.

because I’m too fucking tired.

I don’t know what this poem should be named

I wrote this poem for you,

my friend.

where were you,

when I needed you at the most.

you leave me because of him,

you said, you don’t.

but I just knew it.

because of some reasons that I can’t tell.


and when the rains come to me,

I stay away from the clouds.

I stay away from everything.

I feel like nobody knew me,

and understand me.


it feels like I’m so different

so I’m better alone

and I’m moving on.

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