Ayah (2)

I have meant to write about dad a few days ago, but this morning -so I have a reason to procrastinate- I finally did it.

I miss my dad. But I’m not the kind of daughter who says, “I miss you, dad” like literally. It just no and ew. My dad also not the kind of father who says, “I miss you”, but sometimes he says he loves me and calls me ‘sweety’, I’m just ugh. But I do miss him. We do miss each other but we never say it. And writing about dad like this is one of my coping mechanisms.

Oh, and he doesn’t know that I have blogs and I wrote about him sometimes, so I feel safe. (Bukan) anak durhaka. Mom does know I have a blog, but I don’t think she reads it because she is not good at social media. My sister and my brother aware that I write here, but I think they won’t bother to read. (But if you guys read this, don’t tell mom and dad, or I will kill you *kidding).

No, I’m not kidding.


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First Ramadan in Australia and a Story Behind My Blog

Hi Y’all!

This week is pretty hectic. I have three essays more to go due on 25 May, 4 June, and 8 June. Also, this is Ramadan month which I actually have some to do list as well such as read Quran one day one juz. I also genuinely want to write to you all of my very first experience fasting in Australia, but I merely have time about it.

Anyway, before I ‘talk’ about my fasting experience, I would like to talk about this blog. So, I actually have two blogs, this one and the other one that I deactivated. I set it as a private mode so no one can’t see it but me because I write some personal stories there. I don’t want to see it again, and I don’t want people to reread it, because what’s done is done. However, somehow, a few weeks ago I feel like my posts on my other blog is precious and it is what’s a waste if just dump it like that. So, I export it to this blog, and tadaaaa there are more than 400 posts from 2013 on this blog. But, now, I realise, why I do I even did it. Thank God that  WordPress has an excellent system, and I can move those post into draft posts easily.

The reason I made a new blog, Not Average Girl, because I want this blog is much more professional and less private stuff of my daily life. Ideally, I want to run two blogs, this one is to share my scholarship and school stuff, while the other is where I can tell you my personal stories, my romance stories, in a frank way, and just be me. Meanwhile, I just can’t run two blogs. It is exhausted, and I don’t have much time. So, I exported all of my posts here without thinking about the consequences, and have moved it again into drafts post. I’m so-so-so silly.

I love writing on the blog, even telling my personal stories. Yet, recently, I feel like, people are judging me based on what I write here. I don’t know whether this is just my anxiety or what, but I have changed my mind, and I don’t want to write too personal stories. I used to write everything on my blog, and it is so much fun! And a lot of people leave comments on my blog, share their experience or leave a suggestion. I also used to write about my romance life. When I re-read it again, I feel like, “Omg, it is such a drama”, “Omg, why do I even like this bloke”, and whatsoever. And I still do remember about a guy who liked me, but he also liked another girl in the same time. It’s so funny. Now he is so chill to me, I don’t even know whether he remembers what he did in the past. He was like, “Hi Gadis, can you write some wishes to me on a piece of paper and capture it when you hang out somewhere in Australia”. I’ll be like, dude. Okay, I’ll leave it here.

Alrighty then, so here we go, my first Ramadan in Australia.

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Mas, kamu buat penasaran siapa lagi sih?

11 Juni 2015

Ketika itu aku sedang memutuskan untuk membuat sebuah blog lagi dengan domain blogspot, karena blog wordpress tidak bisa edit-edit CSS kalau tidak premium dan aku sedang ingin bermain-man dengan kode html. Kemudian aku menuju profil google+ untuk mencari teman-teman pemakai blogspot dan aku menemukan dua orang teman sesama jurusan yang suka menulis di sana. Pertama dia teman dekatku yang sudah memakai blogger sejak lama dan sebenarnya aku sudah tahu link-nya dia. Jadi aku agak kecewa kenapa aku harus menemukan dia lagi zzzzt, bukan yang lain saja. Kedua, temanku yang bernama Juni. Aku tidak pernah dekat dengan Juni. Yang aku tahu dari dia, dia adalah anggota breakdance jurusan kami yanag suka memakai rok span hitam pendek dan sepatu kets.

Kemudia aku scrolling halaman dia dari awal. Rupanya dia bukan tipe penulis yang suka menulis beberapa kali dalam satu minggu. Hanya ada satu-dua post dalam satu bulan. Templatenya-pun template otomatis dari blogger, jadi sepertinya dia jarang mengurus settingan (yang tidak seperti aku yang dikit-dikit suka otak atik. Postingan terakhir bulan lalu tentang mantannya yang tak terlupakan, yang ke-dua dan ke-empat tentang … wait, wait, wait.
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