How to Shop in Melbourne on A Student Budget

How to Shop in Melbourne on A Student Budget

OK. My clothing preferences is chic, casual, girly, and clean-look. Chic-look is pretty much a modern kind of outfit, an I-dont-care look, and for the most important is oh-it’s-good-on-me look. Clean-look is basically just white, black, or a combination of these two. So, these shopping recommendations below is based on my preferences. It might and might not suit your preferences.

My super chic-casual look 🙂

Shopping New Clothes

Cotton-on, Factorie, and Supre is my go-to store. Always. The reasons are because their collection is totally my fashion choice and the price range of clothes, shoes, bags, and jeans are around 5$ to 30$. You can even find something at 1$ or 2$.

You can find these stores in DFO (Direct Factorie Outlet). You can also find Cotton-on and Supre in different malls like Chadstone, Eastland Shopping centre, etc. But I found that different store locations have various sales and collections, although it is not entirely different. For example, Cotton-on Melbourne Central and Chadstone has more selections than Cotton-on DFO South Wharf, but Cotton-on in DFO South Wharf has more sale and discounted clothes than Cotton-on in the Malls. Supre in DFO in Moorabbin does not have much collection than in the one in South Wharf, but they have a cheaper collection. I bought a red crop-cute-hoodie for just 7$ in Supre in DFO in Moorabbin.

Clothes in Factorie often cheaper than Cotton-on and Supre, but I did not shop much in here. It is just because their collection is sometimes are not suitable for my age (haha!). I think their target market is teenagers 12-20 years old. I’m too old for that kind of fashion. Yet, if you are looking for a fresh, young, and not a boring look, go to Factorie.

Besides the three stores I mentioned before, I also like TEMP. Their collection is girly, clean, and professional. You can find this store in Melbourne Central. But I do not buy many clothes in here too, although it is very cheap here. Their collection is just not into me.

Another option in the city is H&M. I never shop in there, because it is always crowded and too many people. The store is so huge. So, I feel like I’m getting tired just to think to go shop in there. But I did go to the shop literally yesterday (Saturday, June 8th). The had a huge sale, and the clothes were cheap there. I did not buy anything, though, because I did not want anything. (Oh, I feel so proud of myself when I do not buy things I do not need! haha).

Other stores that come up in my mind is K-mart and Target. Everything is always cheap in K-mart, and the quality is fine. If you want to look for something more in terms of quality, you can go to Target, and yes, of course, it is more pricey. I bought 15$ jeans in K-mart and 30$ jeans in Target. The K-mart one has its function, and it’s okay. But after around a year, I guess, it became so ugly. Yet, the target one, although it is twice more expensive, it has the quality and the function. So, your choice.

Op shop, why not?

Do you know that when you buy secondhand items, you support sustainable living? *wink*

No, I’m being real.

My absolute go-to secondhand shopping is Camberwell Sunday Market. I ALWAYS found a lot of worth items in a very good value, such as books, shoes, and clothes. For example, the black shoes I wear in the first picture is Adidas Rita Ora. I got it for 10$ only. New, with the box. Meanwhile, in the market, it is probably around 80$.

The white jeans below is Zadig and Voltaire. Usually it is around 200$. The seller said this one was 400$, but I bought it for just 2$!

This blue denim jacket is a local brand in Richmond. The price is still there, RRP 129$. And I got it for just 10$.

Then, Savers is my go-to op shop. There are some Savers in Melbourne, just google maps it. I always go there on Sundays because they have 20% concession. I usually go there for buying books. I buy clothes when they have a 50% sale. But if I want to buy shoes and books, I will go on Sunday. A ‘treasure’ that I found there was the green boots that I wear in the second picture. It was Dr Martens, RRP 200-300$, but I bought it for just 24$! 

Free Stuff?

This is only for Monash students. Well, do you know that we have Monash survival room? It is in the first floor of the Campus centre. Basically, students dump their clothes there, and you can have it free there. Well, but they only dump ugly stuff (lol). So, I barely found something that is really good.

Additional look: Hijabi look

As a moslem, sometimes it is really hard if I want to buy new scarfs or hijab that I do really like. I knew some stores that sell hijab and Muslim dress, but for me the price is a no-no.

So, if you are looking for Muslims dress and hijab on a budget, I recommend Dandenong Mall. They have a lot of boutiques that selling Muslim dress for brothers or sisters. They even have prayer room. And I think it is the only mall in Melbourne that has prayer room. I personally love this mall, but it is just too far away.

Additional tips:

  1. Make a list! This is a must. Have you ever like, you intend to buy something, but you end up buying something else? That is why making a shopping list is important. So you always remember what you need, and NOT spending money on what you do not need.
  2. Do you really need it or you just want it? This is mantra that I keep saying when I really ‘want’ it. Ok, do I REALLY need it, or just want it?

That’s a wrap! Let me know what you think. And if you know other cheap stores, sales, and tips, please do let me know too! 😀


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