Sydney Trip: Where to Go (Part 2)

Sydney Trip: Where to Go (Part 2)

Welcome to my Sydney where-to-go list part two! I added some food we enjoyed and other stuff in the end of the list. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Bondi beach

It pronouns  /ˈbɒnd.aɪ/. Some people still pronouns it /ˈbɒndɪ/. I know it is weird, but it is what it is.

This beach is absolutely beautiful. It is definitely one of Sydney’s tourist attractions besides Opera House. I rate this place 10/10 🙂

2. UNSW (University of New South Wales)

The location is pretty far from the city, so if you plan to go to UNSW, you should plan ahead. I reckon to not to go to this place only, but you can go to other attraction place nearby.

What I like about UNSW the most is the prayer facility! I attached the pictures above. Compare to my uni, Monash University, it is nothing. I’m sorry Monash, but it is true. The religious center has an Islamic society. The prayer room inside is very spacious, clean, and tidy. The carpet smells good and it is so soft. I could sleep in there, safe and sound. Then, the wudhu or abolish facility has another room. In Monash, the abolish facility is inside the sister prayer or the brother prayer. But in UNSW, the abolish facility is very luxurious. I could tell. It also has a special abolish space for disabled people. I AM SO ENVY with you guys who studying in UNSW. I wish the prayer facility in Monash could be as comfy as here in UNSW.

I rate this uni 10/10, although it is not my uni.

Karpetnya empuk. Di Monash karpetnya udah tipis 😦
The wudhu/abolish facility. Can you spot me?
Selfie dulu di lift sebelum balik. Bye UNSW!

3. Queen Victoria Building

Right after visiting UNSW, we went to the Queen Victoria Building. It is another old building that reminds me of Melbourne central. For me it’s fine, but my friends really love it. I rate this building 6.5/10.

Bahagia karena lagi minum bubble tea tanpa bubble.
Inside the Queen Victoria Building
It is a good place to chill and drink tea.
The slay queeeen

4. UTS (University Technology of Sydney)

It is located in the center of the city. If you are going to University of Sydney from the city, you might pass through this uni. So you can stop by and take a photo or selfies in this uni.

For me, there was nothing really special from the building and the location. There was no much instagrammable spot or selfie spot as well. But there was a reason why I rate this uni as 10/10.

It was the last day of our trip in Sydney. We had check-out from our hostel and we planned to spend the night in Sydney Airport because we had morning flight. We also thought that it must be cheaper if we stay overnight in the airport; because it should be free. Namanya juga anak kos gitu kan.

Turns out, the airport did not operate 24 hours! We thought the airport was the same as Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, which is 24 hours. We did not check it before, but apparently, it closed at midnight. So we had to get out of the airport. We went by the last train around midnight that we took from inside the airport.

We literally had no idea where to sleep. Literally ngegembel. Luckily, we were actually accompanied by my friend who studied in UTS. He kinda our guide tour that accompanied us to travel around Sydney in the last couple of days of our 6 days Sydney trip. Then, he had an idea that we could sleep in study hub UTS. We could not sleep at his house because there was no train to go back and out morning flight was around 6is or 7is. So, we did sleep in the study hub UTS. I did not really sleep though. 

That was quite something. 😆😝

5. China town

So here is China town, just like in Melbourne. I think most of every place has China town even my hometown, Malang, in Indonesia. There was some people had tai chi in the park. But the park was kinda pretty, so I rate this 7.8/10.

6. Chinese Garden of Friendship

There is Chinese Garden of Friendship in the China Town. We had to pay 8-10$ concession to go in. Although it was not free, I did not regret it because it was super pretty! You might want to go to this place too. I rate this 10/10!

The team! Pas sama-sama biru. Jangan fokus ke perut tambun Andika. Fokus ke kecantikan Rini dan aku aja. 🙂
bayangin taman segini bagusnya di tengah-tengah kota

7. Darling Harbour

If you go to or from the Chinese Garden of friendship, you must likely pass this Darling Harbour through. I rate this 9/10.

Sepeda ofo yang bisa dipinjem-pinjam dan gratis. Asal udah download aplikasinya dulu.
Ini gimana sih naiknya?

Where to eat?

That’s it, pal! That was all of the places we go. If you haven’t read the previous post, you might want to read it by clicking the link here because I’m sure you don’t want to miss it out. 

Also, besides places, there are some Indonesian restaurants that you must visit! I think Indonesian food in Sydney is the best, better than melbourne. It is not an apple to apple compared to Indonesian food in Melbourne. 


Shalom, pals. I ordered Sayur Singkong because I hadn’t eat it for ages and it was so good. 


The Sambal

The sambal was literally good; I was crying happily. It was not too expensive as well.

Gelato Anita

My friend said Gelato Anita is the best Gelato in Sydney. Well, for me, every Gelato is good.

Local Thai Food

We also had Thai food– I kinda forgot. I also forgot where we ate this.

Local Malaysian Food

I think it is Mamak Melbourne, which we also have this restaurant it Melbourne. But I forgot. 

Other things to do:

I don’t like Sydney’s public transportation because it is twice expensive compared to Melbourne. But I get it why. It is because of the ferries. We do not have ferries in Melbourne, so that is why maybe it is cheaper. I did looooove taking the ferries.

The famous buildings that I shot from the ferry. But I forgot why it is famous though
Somewhere in the harbour

That’s wrap! See you in the next post. Semoga bermanfaat 🙂

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