Not a Typical Day of the Not so Average Girl


Yesterday, one of my relatives married. I’m happy, and touched, yet sad and miserable for the fact that I’m freaking single. And the guy that I like probably do not realize that I like him, or he might realize about it but he do not like me back, or he actually has already his significant other, or whatsoever. I have so many probabilities in my head. So, I won’t be disappointed if things do not happen like what I want.

There are so many people that ask when I’m going to marry, and also pray for me. Even, especially, my father. My parents married at 25. I will be 25 in couple of months. So, my parents have a very big expectation that I will marry next year after graduating from my master degree.

Like, I can’t even control these things. It is beyond my capability. Jodoh, pernikahan. Aku percaya itu rencana Allah yang punya. Kita boleh punya keinginan dan cita-cita, tapi Allah yang menentukan.

Right? Just say that I’m right.

To sum up, married is the last thing that I want to talk about.


I have questions. In my head. That now I’m pouring it into this jibber-jabber article of my not-so-important diary blog.

Should I just confess to that guy that I like him? or should I just keep silent. What is the worst thing going to happen if I do the first option and the later option?

I’m not going to confess anyway.


The wedding was held in my mom’s hometown. I’m not sure whether I should mention the suburb, because I want to tell you something bad about it.

the girl literally throw the garbage in the river


and this warning board means nothing



this is the river where the people throw their garbage

Satu masalah besar di desa ini adalah tidak ada TPA (Tempat Pembuangan Akhir) dan tidak ada petugas kebersihan yang mengambili sampah dari satu rumah ke rumah. Jadi, sampah adalah tanggungjawab warga masing-masing. Karena tidak ada TPA, jadilah sungai ini TPA bagi warga sekitar. Mereka buang kasur, sisa makanan, sisa panen atau produksi yang gagal terpakai, sampai buang hajat juga di sungai. Beberapa orang masih buang hajat, mandi, dan cuci baju di sungai.

Di sini, aku sebagai pencerita, karena aku tidak punya solusinya. Sebenarnya aku sedih sekali dengan situasi ini. Kami ada rumah di desa ini, tetapi kosong. Ada yang bertugas menjaga rumah sekalian bersih-bersih. Rewang kami kalau buang sampah ya di sungai tersebut. Miris sekali kan šŸ˜¦

Meskipun ada papan peringatan, menurutku percuma dan bukan solusi, karena pemerintah setempat tidak menyediakan TPA dan tidak memperkerjakan petugas kebersihan. Pun kata ibuku, papan peringatan tersebut cuman formalitas. Jadi, kalau ada visitasi dari atasan, pemerintah setempat tidak kena semprot. Kalau mereka disalahkan, mungkin mereka tinggal bilang, “Ya salahkan warga, kan sudah dikasi papan peringatan jangan buang sampah di sungai.”

4 thoughts on “Not a Typical Day of the Not so Average Girl

  1. omggg I really like how you talk about marriage + confessing love and all that as it’s definitely things that we have in our mind a lot šŸ˜‚ anywaaay, I feel that you eventually have to confess or at least say something to the person you love as you don’t want to end up with tons of ‘what ifs’ in your head – it’s crazily stressful so might as well say it now while you can. There’s this saying of ‘life is short, do it now’ and I guess it completely relates to that! Hahahaha


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