Are You Sure Your Cosmetic is Halal? (Part 1)

Are You Sure Your Cosmetic is Halal? (Part 1)

I was stalking Muslim Girl Instagram till I found Claudia Nour page. I went straight to her website and apparently, Claudia is a muallaf, someone who converted to Islam, and she has her own cosmetic products. It is called Claudia Nour Cosmetics. I was really excited because her products are halal and wudhu friendly or it is not waterproof. It means that I don’t need to wipe up my makeup before wudhu and touch up again after prayer. I chose 1 pack of lipstick sample, 1 lipstick scrub, and 1 foundation. The products are not costly at all, but the delivery is since they need to ship from NYC. It cost twice my groceries for two weeks! So, I closed the website desperately and googled for some halal makeup products in Australia.

Halal makeup for me is matter. As a Muslim, we know that we are not allowed to eat pork and any kind of wine because that’s the rule. Allah SWT has said in various places in the Holy Qur’an, one of them is:

حُرِّمَتْ عَلَيْكُمُ الْمَيْتَةُ وَالدَّمُ وَلَحْمُ الْخِنْزِيرِ ….

“Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine . . .”(Qur’an, 5:3)

As a result, it makes me think, why should we use makeup products that contain any parts of a pig into our skin, which we purify before salah. Does it make senses to you?


Therefore, I dig some information on the internet, and according to this website, there are 11 halal products that we should know (and yes one of them is Claudia Nour products). In Australia, the halal cosmetics that they mention is INIKA organic. They claim that it is vegan products, not tested on animals, and even they state on their website that it is halal. Yet, I’m not interested buying this product because it seems that it is waterproof makeups. (Besides, the packaging is not impressive for me at all).

So, I clicked another link, found this website and discovered some shocking facts! The writer said that Body Shop is not halal since it has joined up with L’oreal, who use animal cruelty to create their product’s. They also use glycerin as one of their ingredients. The author of The muslimsmusings blog also stated that glycerin or sodium tallowate is made of pig fat. Beside Body Shop, she also mentioned some halal and not halal cosmetics that you can read it here.

But, I found there is some oddness this and that. First, the writer did not put any sources at all on her blog about how does she know whether glycerin is made from pig oil or not. and did not explain where does know the facts that Body Shop is not vegan anymore, and etc. Ones cannot state or make a judgement without giving a precise evidence or resource. Hence, I just don’t want to believe it.

This blog, Hijabimag, also declared that The Body Shop claimed to use gelatin either from pork or non-zabiha beef. But the writer also did not put any source/data/fact/evidence about any of this. I’m like, come on, girl.

Consequently, I make quick research about glycerin. This blog stated that it is made up of vegetable oil and animal fat. What kind of animal? The writer did not state it. In comparison, this blog said that glycerin is entirely vegetarian. Meanwhile, The Gentleworld website explains that, “Glycerin(e) or Glycerol (labelled E422 in food) is a byproduct of soap manufacturing, and can be either synthetic or derived from plants (usually soybeans) or animals (usually tallow). It can also be a blend of both animal and vegetable oils. Glycerides (mono/di/and tri) tend to be derived from animal fats, and are frequently used by the food industry.” Tallow itself contains body fat from cows, sheep and pigs. This point, I think there is no clear-cut what is glycerin made up of.

Thus, the thing that we can do is check the product whether it is vegan or not, like what I did. The Body Shop declared on their website that they are 100% completely vegan products so I will keep using this product although they have glycerin on it. (And I love its hand cream!). I also use Redwin sensitive skin, it’s a moisturizer that I use as a makeup remover, and it’s excellent for my skin because I have nighttime itchiness sometimes. Glycerin is one of the ingredients, but it stated that it is made up of a plant. Meanwhile, I also use Vaseline lotion. This product does have glycerin on it, but the website did not say anything whether it is a vegan product or not. I have not checked all of my cosmetics yet, though.

Hence, my suggestion is, don’t be panic. Always check the ingredients and your cosmetic website. You can also refer to this website: to check whether your cosmetic is halal. But, if you don’t want to be bothered about it, just use halal or vegan cosmetics. And I encourage you to do your research as well about halal makeup, glycerin, and vegan product! 🙂

So, what do you think? I would like to know about your opinion on this. Does halal makeup matter to you? Do you support cruelty-free cosmetic? Put your comments, suggestion, knowledge, or anything about this below, and I am extremely-very-happy to discuss this topic with you. See ya on the next post!


3 thoughts on “Are You Sure Your Cosmetic is Halal? (Part 1)

  1. Matter banget si kak. I bought korean product few times without think the product is halal or not and my mom remind me that we have to use halal product for sure. And now I’ve to be more selective

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  2. Hi Gadgad,
    Thanks for the great explanation and of course detailed resources you put there. For me halal cosmetic is important, because it is something that we use on our skin especially face. The contents in our cosmetics need to be something valuable, clear ingredients, and of course animal free cruelty. So far I am using Malaysian halal face wash called Safi and Wardah (Indonesian product). Thanks for your clear and detailed information and links to kmow more about halal cosmetic.


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    1. Hi, Naru! Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

      Yep, cant be more agree. For me, especially lipstick because it’s on lips! 😆 we might swallow or lick the lipstick on our lips unintentionally.

      Yeahhh, I’m thinking to but a lot of wardah products when I got back to Indonesia, but now I’m in Australia so I have to look for halal makeup alternatives here 🙂

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