Who likes swimming?

Who likes swimming?

Did you know that Monash University has Water Wise program? It is a sports program that teaches you to swim from the beginning, and it’s free for undergrads and postgrads students. Even more, they have Water Women! Water woman is held every Saturday night 6pm-8pm. It is only woman who can enter the Doug Ellis swimming pool. The staff and the trainers are also women. So, of course, I’m taking the women-only class on Saturday at 7pm.

I joined Water Wise program last semester. They put me in introductory level. I can swim breaststroke though, but apparently, they teach freestyle. Lucky me! At that time I only joined the class for like 5-6 times because I went back to Indonesia, it was summer holiday. Then, I didn’t practice it for four months straight (haha!). Yet, I was able to kick, and I know how I should move my hands. I was also quite good at backstroke; it’s when you swim by lying on the back.Β 

Last February, I enrolled myself in this program again. They put me on beginner class because of I already good at few things. Today was the third day I joined the beginner class, and I’m so freaking absolutely happy because I can swim freestyle!

Well, I still have to hold on the swimming float (haha!), but I can take a breath while kicking and moving my arms. Which is a good thing! I think it is such a frigging good progress for just three days.

Anyway, talking about my trainer Em, I like the way she teaches us. She always gives feedbacks like, “That’s great, your kicking is amazing, try to straighten your hands so will be able to take a breath,” she explained while moving her hands tried to give a good example. She would give compliment first, always.

At first, it is challenging to coordinate everything, like your head, neck, arms, and legs. Everythings needs to move coordinately. And I think Em is such a great trainer because she observes everything. She will tell you, in detail, about what you should and shouldn’t do. Then, at the end of the 30-minutes class, she would summarise everything about our progress.

Then, now because I’m able to swim freestyle, I might not be eligible for this class again, maybe. The membership fee is quite expensive, for a student like me. But, let’s see what happens next! πŸ™‚



11 thoughts on “Who likes swimming?

  1. Amazing experience!
    I like how you described your mentor for this swimming class. Reinforcement is something important to a student. Boost student’s confidence and self-esteem and turn them to student that really enjoy their lesson learning.
    A very good pointπŸ˜‰

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