Studying at Monash University

Studying at Monash University

Hi guys!

I talked about the differences between studying at Indonesia and Australian uni here.  it was about how the lecturers greet us, how do we should call lecturer, some rules including attendance list, coming late to the class, and how to dress up, and about the reading list. Now I’d like to explain more detail about my experiences at Monash University (so far).

1. Library

Firstly, it is the library. Monash has several libraries and you may visit the page here. I study at Monash Clayton where there are three libraries here, that is Matheson Library, Law Library, and Hargrave-Andrew Library. The library which I’ve visited the most is Matheson.


Matheson Library


Here, we can borrow up to 30 books! While in my previous bachelor study, I can only borrow 2 books for just 2 weeks. I do not whether they have changed the policy now. In Monash, most of the books can be loaned for up to 6 weeks. Some of them are automatically renewed, so you can automatically borrow it for the next 6 weeks unless someone requests the book. But some book is not automatically renewed. Some books can be borrowed for just 1 day, Some for just one week. I think it is those books have high demand. Hence, it depends on the book.

What’s more, if we need one particular book, but it is only available on one campus of Monash and we can’t reach it, they can deliver it. We also can return the book to in any library of Monash University.

Then, if we really need one book but the libraries in Monash (any library in Monash), but they don’t have it, well Monash has document delivery service. It is really happening to me. I need two books which are so good to support my research, but they don’t have it. So, I go to research and learning drop-in session to consult with the librarian. The librarian, Jackie, told me about document delivery service. *Monash will borrow books from other libraries in Australia. Check the page here.

They actually did it which is awesome! And then they put the book on hold, so I just have to take it special shelves for hold books.

Photo 28-9-17, 23 18 11

It was the best thing ever that happened to me in the library.

Meanwhile, about the other book that I need, they bought it, but someone has already borrowed it. The librarian said that the book would be ready around 2 weeks. However, when I check the book in the library search two days after I went to the research and learning drop-in session, it was already available. But yeah, unfortunately, someone already took it.


And see the picture above? you just have to scan your student card and scan books to borro the book. A piece of cake.


2. Mid-term and final term test

Did you know that we don’t have a mid-term test? Yes, we don’t have. Even in some majors, they don’t have final term test. I took General Linguistics, and Language and Intercultural Communication this semester. I have the online final test on General Linguistic course; I don’t have afinal test for Language and Intercultural Communication course. But I do have final assignment paper and I have been starting doing this paper, (wish me luck!). On the other hand, my friends which are studying in education field don’t have final test. Lucky them.

We also have only 12 meetings each term, while in Indonesia I used to have 16 meetings. I believe that most of universities in Indonesia have 16 meetings each term.


3.Make up Class

Anyway, talking about make up class (kelas pengganti), I assume that you have must dealt with make up classes. It al-ways hap-pens. It always happens to me when I was studying in Indonesia, haha. Sometimes lecturers are too busy so they can’t make it to the class, so they have to make up a class.

So, I wonder whether it is going to happen in Monash. What would happen? How we are going to set the date and class? Who’s going to set everything? while in Indonesia, usually the class leader (ketua kelas) is the one who going to set everything.

And apparently, it is not. I think the lecturers here are not allowed to cancel the class, I guess.  We don’t have a leader in the class too, though.


4. Assignments

So, this is the fun part.

We do have so many papers and essays to write. Whereas, in my bachelor degree, I had less essays to write. (Anyway it makes me wonder why some of Indonesian doesn’t like reading, even writing). So, I have to work really hard to catch up with the assignment system here, but that’s fine, I really love my subjects.


I think that’s all I can tell you, for now, about studying at Monash. Feel free to like, comment, follow my page and tell me what do you want me to write in the next post. See ya!



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