When Intercultural Communication Intertwined within a Group Project

When Intercultural Communication Intertwined within a Group Project

To be honest, because of that one person. My group member consists of me, R (from Australia), and J (from China). We have to culturally constructed concepts or practices for the assignment. R is deaf, so she decided to write about sign names. I talked about the act of hand kissing in Java. Then, J was about to write about Chinese religion. We need to record our conversation as the data, and then analyze it.

I and J had different perception in the very first meeting. In the first meeting, we didn’t have an interpreter and J so freaking confused about how we communicated to R, recorded the data, and so on. I said to her that we could have written communication as a valid data. I knew this because I was an interpreter back then, I communicated with deaf people, and their written communication works as valid as their sign language. But she refused. She believed that written communication won’t work. So, we spent our first meeting ineffectively. 

But we didn’t spend our time that much because the alarm rang. Something was burning. We smelt something smoky, and everybody needed to get out.

In the second and third meeting, finally, we have interpreters and note taker. So we had recorded the data. Then, we have to converse the data and analyze it. I and J had done our part. However, she seemed unsatisfied with mine and strongly insists that I have to edit it again. For the second time.

She said this:

Screenshot 2017-09-11 09.28.56


So, I decided to ask Marc, our lecturer.

Screenshot 2017-09-11 09.29.14

And I replied her email.

Screenshot 2017-09-11 09.33.15


Our relationship is very formal, using email. I hate it. Actually, I made a WhatsApp group for us, but we rarely use it.

I know that I work with people with different culture, but she makes me look so stupid and she is so bossy. I don’t like her. I want to swear to her A LOT. I’m tired. I want to finish this project as soon as possible and I don’t want to be the same group with her like ever ever ever again.

What do you think, guys? What I should do? Did I do something wrong?

2 thoughts on “When Intercultural Communication Intertwined within a Group Project

  1. Well it might be difficult for you Gadis. But again let’s see what will happen after your appointment with your lecturer. I hope you’ll do well with the group assignment and I suggest you to keep maintain a good work with the other guy in the group. That’s why I hate group project tho hahahaha


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