A Lot of New Things to Learn

A Lot of New Things to Learn

Yesterday I went to Chadstone Shopping Centre with my house mates, my new neighbor and my senior at my previous college. My house mates ( a husband and a wife ) were free from work so they can join us shopping together. They said they also wanted to buy some stuff for their kids. The new neighbor, J, came two days ago and she knew nothing here yet, so I decided to asked her out. Then, my senior, which is I’m so contented meeting her here, apparently we had the same fondness that is books, discourse analysis course and literacy course.

We decided to go by bus because Chadstone had limited parking hour and it was expensive. It was about AUD 5 for an hour and cars were not allowed to park more than 1,5 hours. If we park more than that, we will get a fine. It is a new thing for me that in Melbourne, I do not know whether this rule applied in whole Australia, we cannot park more than 2 hours. Unlike Indonesia, we can park our vehicle as long as we like.

Thus, in Australia, if you want to go to the mall for a very long time, it is better to use public transportation. Here we have bus, tram, and train and it is called PTV (Public Transport Victoria). It is very convenient and cheap, only AUD 1-3 depends on our destination. However, they have a lot of bus station and lane, so I don’t have guts yet to go somewhere alone (haha).

source: https://static.ptv.vic.gov.au

Besides parking, Australia has ‘different’ restroom/toilet compare to ours. Do you know that they don’t have hand spray kit? Itu lo yang buat semprotan yang buat cebok. So, I always bring a bottle of water. Besides I can drink the water, I also can use the water for cebok. However, in some Moslem restroom, like my house or KJRI restroom, we have watering can for cebok. When I told this to mom, she laughed so hard.

( Bahasa Inggrisnya cebok apa yah >< pokoknya kalau kesini jangan lupa bawa botol air juga buat cebok )

Then at Chadstone I went to several fashion shops, like in Indonesia we have Matahari mall, something like that. You know what, the SPG (Sales Promotion Girl) here are so cool. First, they don’t wear excessive make up on their face. Even some of them doesn’t wear any. Second, they don’t use uniform. They just wear jeans and shirt. Can you even imagine that? I think Indonesia should have this kind of SPG. Besides it is cooler that way, woman who work as SPG will be more comfortable since they don’t have to wear tight uniform and short skirt. Even you can wear your hijab if you want to.

After shopping and we got what we wanted, we were starving. Thus we ate at the food court. My uncle thought that in Australia they only server burger, burger, and burger. In fact, as you might have noticed, we have rice, Chinese food, japanese, vietnamese, korean, western, etc. It’s varied. I chose korean fried chicken without rice (niat diet karbo :p). Then, after eating we have to put our trash to the trash bin by our self. That’s the different here, unless we eat in a restaurant, then we don’t have to clean the table.

So, I think there are still a lot of culture to be learned here, and I’m so ready for it 🙂

See ya!

Kasur, 8:41 AM.

3 thoughts on “A Lot of New Things to Learn

  1. Enaknya punya pengalaman tinggal di negara maju itu seperti itu. Kita bisa belajar banyak hal. Sayangnya, ketika udah balik ke indo, biasanya kita marah-marah sendiri dengan segala bentuk kerumitan dan permasalahan di indonesia. Semoga nanti hasil belajar kebudayaan di australia bisa ditularkan ke orang-orang indo lainnya agar bangsa ini cepat maju 😀

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