Run, Run, Run.

Run, Run, Run.

Today I’m so happy, because finally can run again after 5 months off! The second times in this month actually.

I’m not working out for about 5 months not because I’m lazy or sluggish, but I have a college project (KKN: Kuliah Kerja Nyata – College Work Real, kinda weird if I translate it into English,- ) on March till May every Saturday and Sunday. My college schedule was full also from 7 in the morning till the evening at that time. I don’t have time to working out. Then, on the middle of June and July there was Ramadan Month and as a moslem I have to fasting till July 16th. Of course my parents forbid me to work out.

So, finally August is coming. Before the seventh semester start at September and maybe I have deal with morning schedule again, I have one month to working out. Yeay!

I’m a work out freak. Sort of. I love jog, run, bicycling (but my bicycles were stolen 2 years ago so I can’t do it no more), swim, and karate. I was a karatedo but, I cut it off because .. err I’ll tell you later on.

I love to working out because it makes me happy. When I’m sad or stress usually I’ll run in the morning. It is very refreshing. I want to be healthy and beside that I have weight issues. I need to lose 5-8 kg more. I feel I’m so fat. I know I should be very grateful for what I have, but that is my issue that I can’t deal with.

*So you boys don’t ever say to your girlfriend that she or he are fat.

My friend’s boyfriend said my friend is fat, which is actually she doesn’t have weight issue at all and her body was fine. Because of her boyfriend said she was fat, she didn’t want to eat. Maybe just one meal for a day. Now, she is very skinny and that’s not healthy.

Weight issues is kinda girl thing. Not everyone, but most of them.

Anyway, this was the place when I run this morning:

I started at six. It was very quiet and calm morning. At that time there was only me and 2 old man. I always met that 2 old man at the stadium. It seems they care about their health so, they run everyday.

After 2 laps, there was one couple. Run happily in front of me. *OMG. However, the girl stop after 2 laps running.

After 5 laps, there were two girls join with us. One of them race me, but she stopped after 3 laps running -_-

After 6 laps, there was a boy join with us. He was a pro-runner. I knew it from his legs and in the first lap he run in the high pace already and continuously.

Last, I stopped in the seventh lap. It is so lame. Usually I can do 8-10 laps in the medium pace, but I still happy ^^

So, how about you guys? Do you like to working out? What is your favorite exercise?

11 thoughts on “Run, Run, Run.

  1. Waaw keren (y) larinya dimana tuh gadis?
    Dulu waktu masih kuliah aku sengaja kasih slot seminggu sekali lari, di saraga. Tau kan? Dan dulu juga sekitar itu 8-10 puteran tanpa henti. Dulu emang pengen banget bisa stabil lari, meskipun pelan2 tapi keep running. Maksimal yg aku bisa kayak gitu yg tanpa henti cuma mentok di 10 atau 11 gitu hehe.

    Kalau sekarang mah, udah ga lagi xp aduh jadi malu


  2. Beuh, keren sekali bisa sampai 8–10 putaran. Saya jarang lari, mungkin 2 putaran saja tidak sanggup (iya, saya butuh olahraga) :huhu. Setuju, gunakan waktu luang selagi bisa, untuk olahraga (teguran buat diri saya sendiri juga, sih). Keep healthy ya! Saya juga sedang berusaha buat olahraga :hehe.

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