Secret in The Tunnel

Secret in The Tunnel

PHOTO PROMPT © Stephen Baum

it was 1 PM. I was keep running in the tunnel and I knew he was chasing me after. And then I see around, the tunnel was deep and dark. It will be vain if somebody cried for help here. I stop in the middle, I turned around, and he was right behind me.

” What’s up darling? Are you tired of running?” He grinned. I can see his disgusting yellow teeth and his eyes looking at my body.

“There is nobody here hon, are you going to crying for help.” Once again, he showed his disgusting teeth,

I smiled. I came to him.

And then, I gripped his shoulders, I bite his neck. He taken aback, cried as loud as he can, but there was nobody there. I kept suck his blood, till the cried of the man was gone.

Written for Friday Fictioneers, the amazing group shepherded by Rochelle and the photo prompt provided by Stephen Baum. :))

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