Today’s High

Today’s High

For a while, she forgot about her stalker, which is getting beyond the limit. In the beginning, he called, said he loved her in the very first time they met in the high school. She barely knew him, but he can’t stop calling her. Even he knows wherever she go or wherever she did. The stalker is getting creepy.

First 50 Words - Prompts for Writing Practice

She turned out the light and settled into the bed. As was her custom, she did a gratitude exercise before going to sleep. Today’s high was getting the new Taylor Swift album, but she was also grateful for the hello she got at the gym from the guy with the eagle tattoo. Oh, and she got a free coffee with her loyal customer card at lunch. It was a great day.

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4 thoughts on “Today’s High

      1. huahahah :3
        yah langsung coba aja feeeeeb. coba nulis bahasa inggris gausa takut salah.
        Itu aja grammar-ku ada yg salah kayaknya.


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