I Just Like It!

I Just Like It!

I Just Like It!
Well, shirt, jeans, and backpack is always be my comfort zone. I love those three things! However, I think I should change because I want to be a lecturer and I’m a future lecturer (Amin). I can’t wear shirt or jeans forever.*sigh*
I love my teen days! Time to grow up, I guess ..

8 thoughts on “I Just Like It!

  1. There is something different in this blog.. (again).. Berubah lagi Gik? Ah, it’s okay anyway. Ah, me too.. had this phase long time ago, when I decided to change (yet to manage) my outfit as I grew older.. but still love to wear this casual style in relax time


  2. For me, it’s shirt, jeans, sneakers, and flannels. I just love how they feel and look! :haha. Unfortunately I don’t really fancy in accessories so I don’t think I could mix and match it really well, but for me, a good watch will usually do!

    Good taste in fashion you have here, Mbak :hehe.


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