Happy Birthday Pecinta Kopi!

Happy Birthday Pecinta Kopi!


I’m very sorry for a very late birthday wish, I doesn’t mean it is literally my intention, but honestly, it is because .. I forgot!

You know, I always curious about when your birthday is, because you never told anyone. You don’t even write it in your Facebook page, Twitter page (even less this Twitter page), your Blogger, etc. Moreover, you have never wrote your real name in any social media. It always written as Rissaid (even in your BBM account). So it is very hard for me to find out when your birthday is.

*I did a little research in the google about your birthday, I tried every name of yours, and I found nothing. You are so good about hiding your identity. :3

Then, did you remember when we meet Ms. Alies in her office to sign some papers about her research and public service that asking us to be her team work? It was written there about your birthday. It was June 5th or July 5th. I literally forgot the exact one. In other that, I asked one of your close friend, and she said, July 5th. Hence, I just chillax and see what happen on July. About your close friend, actually she kind of forgot too and sort of hem and haw, but I have no choice. I think she is one of your close friend among your other friends. I assume you know who she is. Though, I feel so clumsy about asking your birthday to her because I don’t notice about your relationship now. I knew you guys have some drama in the past and I don’t know whether, she still regard you as her best friend or not.

But cheerful! I’m here for you! But not only me, me and other bunch people that love you and still care about you! πŸ™‚ (incluting that annoying man ever :p ) Suddenly, yesterday you posted a picture in your Facebook page: arin Apparently your birthday is on June, but why don’t you just telling me? It could be damn more easier. hiks. *nangis di pojokan* You made me like I’m a horrible friend ..

Anyway, happy birthday baeeee! and here’s my prayer for you:

I wish you can get better very soon. and please please be care to yourself more. You always care about me, about other people, about very little things, but please do care about yourself too. Love yourself. Please wake up earlier and take your breakfast. Don’t stay up and awake all night. Have an enough sleep. It is not for me, it is for yourself.

I wish we can graduate this year! Masih semangat ambil skripsikan?

I wish you dreams come true. Don’t let the dreams be dreams!

I wish you can be more strong enough to face the world each day. Strong enough to face the phony. Strong enough to face the ugly. … and be strong! I know you sometimes you are afraid in certain things, me too, but just like my dad says, “Ketakutan itu bukan untuk dihindari, ketakutan itu untuk dihadapi.” I know you had been betrayed, you had been hurt, and you are so reluctant to those things, but open up yourself and surround yourself with the good vibes. Don’t be afraid, don’t hold yourself. Take a deep breath and you will be okay. Semangaaaat!

I wish you all the best and many happy returns! πŸ™‚

Last but not least, happy birthday again! haha. and I’m very sorry if I can’t be as sweet as your are, I’m not good at ragging like you always done to me. *feeling meh*. (my rag is just for my dear future husband).

This is the thing that I can do for you. Hope you can get my sincerity. See you in Malang! πŸ™‚

lots of love,

you friend who loves to call herself


waktu kita ngajar EYL, yang ternyata fotonya lebih banyak foto selfie daripada foto pas pembelajaran :3 love it though!

*ps: hai guys, if anyone read this post, please give my dear friend Rissaid birthday wishes down here or you can just jump into her page. Thankyou! :))

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pecinta Kopi!

  1. Ihir, happy birthday happy birthday! Tell her my hello, I hope everything goes well to all of you this year :)). Good luck for the final paper, good luck with everything, because there is always something behind everything :haha. Pokoknya selamat ulang tahun baelah, semoga sehat selalu, sukses, panjang umur, semoga makin-makin :)).

    How kind of you making a special post just to celebrate her birthday, Mbak :hehe.

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    1. AMIIIN πŸ˜€
      for this: because there is always something behind everything, hope that’s the good things πŸ˜€

      as I said in last paragraph, because this is at least the thing that I can do to redeem my forgetfulness. wkwkwkwk .

      (yg belum di baca-baca sama dia karena dia lagi habis quota internetnya) –”

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