Suicide room

Suicide room

Whoever you are, yes I feel it. But, If you ever think about giving up, remember why you held on for so long. Talk to God, He always knows what you need. Find your hope, you dreams, you strength, your reason to life, and do some positive things.
Hope my little jibber jabber could save you. {}






“She lay, water barely covering her ears, her hair a cloud of suspended fibers, her mind blank. Interrupted only by the thought of how peaceful it would be to drown.”


I grew up, angels seems a lot less important, have you ever felt so worthless? like, you have friends but none of them talk to you and ask if you’re okay and it just hurts and everything crashes down onto you, school, life, personal demons, family, it all just crashes down onto you and you feel like a used person, you feel heartbroken and sad and you just don’t want that feeling anymore, I feel like crying but the tears won’t come, I thought I was doing well and now I’ve slipped back again, It’s got bad again, I fucking hate myself so much. I can’t believe I grew up to be such a depressed piece of shit. People say…

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