I don’t know what this poem should be named

I don’t know what this poem should be named

I wrote this poem for you,

my friend.

where were you,

when I needed you at the most.

you leave me because of him,

you said, you don’t.

but I just knew it.

because of some reasons that I can’t tell.


and when the rains come to me,

I stay away from the clouds.

I stay away from everything.

I feel like nobody knew me,

and understand me.


it feels like I’m so different

so I’m better alone

and I’m moving on.

Day by day,

you found your new bestfriend.

so am I.

I was happy back then


the more I happy,

the more I sad.

the more I laugh,

the more I cry.

the sadness was hiding behind my laughter.


because finally,

I feel like I’m alone again

with my problems

I’m lonely


and I remember you


because actually,

there are nobody who knew me

like you do.


but when I came to you

you have another friends,


you seems very happy with them,

than with with me,


because in the end,

I’m just a girl with the veil

who got a lot of things to be obey

I can’t be free as much as they want


I can’t be with them

because when I see their eyes,

they seems like judge me

by the way I act

or the way I look like

I can’t.


so, the only thing I can say is,

I miss you.

I’m fucking miss you.

I miss our times together.



I dont know,

whether you still think about me too,

or even count me as your friend.


I miss you.

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