My Phone was Stolen :(

My Phone was Stolen :(

Yesterday morning, I went to my karate dojo in Gajayana stadium with my brother, Gatha. I was joyful at that time, a little bit nerveous too because I missed my karate exercise for about two weeks. I went there by public transportation. Then, we arrived at Jalan Ijen, but we need to walked around 10 minutes to reach out Gajayana stadium. The street was very crowded because of ‘car free day’. They were so many people walked around, jog, and venders, Very-extremely-crowded. Me and my brother barely to walk. I was checking my phone, just incase if somebody text me, and then put it on my pocket jacket.  After that, I felt there was somebody groped on my pocket and my phone was gone! The incident was happen very fast. There were so many people, it was very crowded, I didn’t know which one who stolen my phone was.

and yes, I’m panic. I’m freak out. I’m mad. It feels suuuuck, till now. Feel so slightly ****ed up.

But the things that I learned from this is murmuring, muttering, mourning would not bring my phone back anyway. I just need to let it go. I still can life without a phone. I’m imaginating the kids, the people in Africa who are stuck in civil war and those conflicts. They are very suffering. Their problems are much more harder than me. I’m imaginating those people who got a lot of harder problems than me. I’m still lucky. I have to be grateful. and For the one who stole my phone, I hope she/he are going to repent her/his deed soon. I hope my phone is the last phone that she/he stole.

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