Beautiful Nightmare

Beautiful Nightmare

Last night, I dreamt about R. I had a crush on him, long time ago. He is my classmates in college. I don’t know why I had a crush on him actually. He was very attractive to me, just attractive the way he is. I have not been in love with him since I knew he had a girlfriens. Well, that’s pretty sick. I’m in love with the boy, he got a girlfriend, end of story.

On my dream, he had a crush with me. I was pretty confuse, but I enjoy it. haha. He was very romantic to me, he was nice to me, even he held my hand, and hugged me. Of course, I was so happy, I am. That was a sweet dream.

Even on my dream, my cruel evil step dad finally said apologize because he did something bad to me.

but overall, that was only a beautiful nightmare. It is only a dream. R, he got a girlfriend. My cruel evil stepdad, he would never ever say apologize to me after what he done.

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