Euthanasia should be Banned

Euthanasia should be Banned


Euthanasia is the practice of killing someone who is very ill and it is likely will never get better in order to end their suffering. we believe this is a wrong practice to end the pain, they should think more that every people are worthy to alive. life are precious. therefore, we should banned euthanasia because it is immoral.

the family of the patient are allow the practice of euthanasia. they think it is the best way because the patient will be not suffering anymore and they won’t waste their money for expensive medicines. beside that, based on the sectional study, the bereaved family and friends of patients who died by euthanasia had less traumatic grief symptons, less current feeling of grief, and less post-traumatic stress reaction than the family of patients who died of natural cases.

most religion in the world are against euthanasia. Muslim are against euthanasia. they believe that all human life is sacred because it is given by Allah. The Holy Quran (17:13) said, “do not take life which Allah made sacred other than in the course of justice.” Pope John Paul II. as a catholic, said that euthanasia is a grave violation of the law of God, since it is the deliberate and morally unacceptable killing of human person. Hinduism believe that euthanasia bring bad karma because when the soul is reincarnated in another physical body it will suffer as it did before because the same karma is still present. the last but not least are Buddhism. it is almost the same with Hinduism. they believe in karma also. if the person are permit to do euthanasia, the next life is going to be even worse.

in addition, euthanasia has no legal position in many countries. the countries that illegalize euthanasia are australia, canada, colombia, germany, india, israel, italy, japan, luxembourg, russia, spain, and etc.

thats why euthanasia should be banned although the family of the patient could be less current feeling of grief, but still, it is immoral. beside it has lo legal status, most of the religion in world are not permitit.

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